5 Benefits Of An Orangery

5 Benefits Of An Orangery

Scottish householders continue to be priced out of the housing market which is a frustration if they’re eager to move onto pastures new because their existing property provides insufficient spaciousness.

They shouldn’t view it as such as it may be entirely possible to fit an orangery at their property and put all space-related issues to a permanent end.

Identifying an orangery is dead easy. Just look out for its solid brick pillars, large glazed areas, brick or stone base and lantern roof. It will completely transform your home lifestyle and provide at least five other noticeable benefits.

Flexible use

There are no rules where orangeries are concerned. Some may fancy turning it into a stunning dining area, while others might have a deep desire to create a sensational lounge setting. You can do any of those things, whatever best suits you, and more thanks to the flexibility of the design. If you ever get bored of utilising it in a certain way, just try something else.


Mitchell Glass lets customers take complete control of their orangery design and provides them with plenty possibilities. We’re talking about things like assimilating bi-folding doors, patio doors or French doors into it or getting the final say on the roof covering added to the top of the structure. You can adapt it however you like and will still receive a very comprehensive guarantee.


The cost of installing an orangery at your home may seem daunting, but don’t forget how much value it will add to the property. Its resale value could rise by anything from 7 per cent to around 11 per cent. Buyers are also likely to be enticed by its very presence and it could well be one of the determining factors that convinces them to put in an offer if you ever choose to sell up.

Garden views

Do you have a close affinity with your garden? This affinity will be heightened as an orangery supplies you with the most spectacular views of it thanks to the glass surrounding offering generous transparency. Nowhere else in the house will you be able to see your garden from such a unique perspective and it’s a view that will keep enticing you into the orangery interior.

Energy efficient

There is a tendency for traditional orangeries to get ice cold in winter and roasting hot in summer. No-one wants to spend time in them when they’re like that. A modern orangery offers far greater thermal efficiency and the necessary thermal control you need to be able to use it in comfort in all weathers. Why should the weather be allowed to interfere with orangery enjoyment?

Place your orangery order NOW

Who would want to move anyway after acquainting themselves with the opulence of an orangery? Mitchell Glass has UPVC, aluminium and timber-built orangeries in our vast product range.

Read more about them in our colour brochure, downloadable here.