Get To Know U-Values

Get To Know U-Values

There’s a good chance that you will have heard about “U-Values” at some point, but you may not necessarily know what they are. You are definitely not alone if that is the case as many of our customers don’t.

For anyone unsure about the meaning of U-Values they signify the standard of thermal efficiency offered by a building. It is therefore crucial that you know what a good U-Value is as you can then properly insulate your home.

The main thing you need to remember is this – the lower the U-Value, the less heat will escape through the material.

This will help you when buying home improvements as it will enable you to compare the insulating qualities of rival products such as a polycarbonate roof and solid roof for a new or existing conservatory.

U-Values give you the most accurate representation of insulation delivered by an application or material which is why current Building Regulations state that a certain U-Value must be accomplished when constructing or renovating a building. To know the overall U-Value of a building you must identify the U-Value of the wall, floor and roof.

How will this all benefit me and my home?

A more energy efficient home will make for a much warmer home as any draughts that used to get in will be kept out. Because your interior won’t be as chilly as before, you won’t have to put your heating on quite as often, resulting in your energy bills becoming more affordable.

Mitchell Glass knows the value of U-Values

We are completely open about the U-Values of our products as they’re exceptionally low. If you come to us for a conservatory, orangery or one of our other stylish home extensions, we will calculate the overall U-Value of the proposed design just so you’re fully informed of what it will provide.

Anything else you need to know about U-Values can be answered by one of our knowledgeable consultants. Contact them here.