Composite Doors v UPVC Doors

Composite Doors v UPVC Doors

Your front door is such an integral part of the house. It is the first line of defence, sets the tone and is the standard-bearer for the entire property.

Buying a new front door is often a once in a lifetime investment for a householder, so it is crucial that the right choice is made. But what do you buy; a composite door or UPVC door?

You may want to base your decision on the following factors:


It will cost you more to purchase a composite door than a UPVC door, but the price reflects the additional durability that a composite frame provides.

UPVC doors are traditionally less costly than composite doors and aluminium doors. Despite their relative affordability they still promise to offer exceptional robustness. Its generous price tag may sway you if what you can afford to pay for a new door is a decisive factor.


Those fond of the authentic aesthetics of a traditional timber door will love the realistic woodgrain effect texture of a composite door as it gives the impression that it has been manufactured from wood.

UPVC doors have a bit of a plastic-like appearance and usually come in fewer colour options than composite doors.


A number of materials are utilised in the manufacturing of a composite door which makes it notoriously tough. This toughness will sustain over time.

Whilst no doubt strong, UPVC doors aren’t able to match the strength of its composite equivalent, but, like a composite door, they do come fitted with all the latest secure features, including a multi-point locking mechanism.

Which should I buy?

If you want the very best door for your home, one that delivers enduring performance, immense security and outstanding thermal efficiency, and you have the necessary cash, you should consider buying a composite door.

You shouldn’t however ignore a UPVC door as an option as it’s still a high-quality solution that’s worth all of your hard-earned pennies.

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