This is here to help make buying an orangery easy…

Choosing Your Living Space

There are a lot of things you need to consider before settling upon a living space, but don’t let that worry you as Mitchell Glass will talk you through all the possibilities. Our consultants each boast a huge wealth of experience and have an extensive knowledge of everything to do with living spaces.

Conservatory Location
Get the positioning right

You may not be aware that an extension needs to be specially positioned. Before the installation process gets underway, our team will visit your home and inform you of where it is best placed to meet your requirements.

For example, if the thought of walking into a warm and bright structure first thing in the morning appeals then a north or easterly facing extension will be best.

Designed for you

Looks are everything, where your extension is concerned. It’s important that it captures the imagination, and it’s inevitable that it will due to the presence of UPVC or aluminium windows, a tiled roof and skylights.

You can see all of the possible options when you go through our website and see our full range of possibilities.

The space needs accessorising

We have an incredible piece of 3D software that enables you to see your dream living space coming to life on screen. All of your ideas can be fed into the software, so share them with the relevant consultant.

There are so many accessories available, including two roofing solutions (traditional tiles / slates or a modern composite) and a great array of window and door styles. Take a close look at them all before you make any decisions.

Conservatory Gym
Conservatory Accessories