Each replacement roof comes with a comprehensive guarantee which provides you with extended cover for the product. We hope you will never need to use it, but it is good to know that it is there in any emergency.


It’s not every day that you go out and buy a replacement roof and you want it to deliver everything you need to enjoy your extension. Only accept the best, which is what you get at Mitchell Glass.

There are still home improvement companies out there that don’t even give you a guarantee, with others failing to give you a guarantee that’s insurance backed. At Mitchell Glass, you get that all-important insurance backed guarantee (IBG) and we happily hand it out because we know that our roofing systems are fit for purpose and designed to last for a lifetime. The materials and components used to develop them are also exceptionally good.

Windows Guarantee


Mitchell Glass has its own Environmental Policy and the guarantee we give out to our customers is consistent with it. The reason why is because by providing you with a roof that lasts for so long, it’s unlikely it will need replacing again in the future, something that would cause over consumption and harmful carbon emissions.

It’s only right to expect to only need to invest in a new roof once, especially when you consider the cost involved. Our guarantee gives you proof of the quality of the product and tells you that the roof will endure, helping you to save many hundreds of pounds on energy over the years.

Windows Guarantee