Scottish householders continue to be priced out of the housing market which is a frustration if they’re eager to move onto pastures new because their existing property provides insufficient spaciousness. They shouldn’t view it as such as it may be entirely possible to fit an orangery at their property and put all space-related issues to […]

Homeowners decide to replace their existing windows for different reasons and one common incentive is usually because they’re fed up of maintaining them. Authentic timber windows look exceptionally stylish upon their initial installation, but once exposed to the unpredictable Scottish weather they soon deteriorate and lose their finish. Unless they’re treated regularly there’s no going […]

You have to be incredibly careful and sympathetic when replacing old windows in classically styled residences so that the new window design does not hinder the original appearance of the house. The classical style is characterised by references to ancient Greek and Roman architecture – rational and symmetrical buildings, square or round-headed openings, columns and […]

Almost everywhere you go in Scotland you’re surrounded by the most captivating architecture. The Scottish baronial style is particularly striking and first emerged in the 16th Century. Inspired by medieval castles and tower houses, it consists of anything from the following: Corner towers (defensive towers built at the corners of castles or fortresses) Battlements (a […]

What would we do without our doors? They set the tone for our homes, give us them access to them, help protect them from intruders and keep the weather out. How is your front door looking and performing at the moment? If its best days are behind it, we suggest that you install a new […]

Though temperatures have noticeably dipped over the past few weeks, we have yet to experience a prolonged spell of cold weather. But remember, this is Scotland and we know how quickly the weather can take a turn for the worse. Winter will properly arrive at some stage and the last thing you want is to […]