3 Freakily Good Halloween Decorating Ideas

Spooktacular decorations for your home

Watch your back! Halloween is fast creeping up on us now, with just a couple of weeks left until the scariest day of the year arrives. 

Have you decorated your home yet for the occasion? If not, why not?

You don’t need a frightful amount of money to make it send a chill up people’s spines, or a frightful amount of time, so, come on, get into the spirit! 

We can offer some spooktacular ideas of how you can achieve a chilling look, using your windows and doors.

Autumn door wreath

There is this misconception that door wreaths only come out at Christmas. Not any more. Look around and you will see lots of autumnal door wreaths on front doors. 

Etsy is one of many online retailers’ selling autumn door wreaths, which you can order to your door, or have a go at making one yourself. Along with some handiwork, you just need wire and some leaves from outside.

Autumnal wreath

Petrifying pumpkins

Pumpkins are one of the biggest symbols of Halloween, so you’ve got to have some on your doorstep. 

Go pumpkin picking at your nearest pumpkin patch with the kids, and once they have got their pumpkins home, help them carve the pumpkins, finding some free pumpkin carving stencils online. After the carving is complete, drop in some battery-powered lights to illuminate the designs. 

Rather than have the usual ‘Welcome’ mat out, change it for one that says ‘Hey, Pumpkin!’ or ‘Turn Back Now’.

Pumpkin patch

A light show in the windows

Not lighting up your windows would be a missed opportunity. Buy some red and orange-coloured string lights that you can display around them and give them a gory glow. 

It will be cold outside, come the 31st, and you don’t want it to be like that on the inside. Dig out your thickest throws, place mason jars full of fairy lights on your window sills, and then you can revel in cosiness whilst watching all your favourite Halloween films and waiting for the trick-or-treaters to arrive.

Lights around windows

If your existing windows and doors aren’t doing a very good job of keeping out the cold, get a FREE quote for replacement windows and doors from Halloween. Our prices won’t frighten you!


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