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5 Top Tips To Stay Warm This Winter

It was nice while it lasted! After one of the hottest UK summers in recent memory, temperatures are set to tumble from tomorrow onwards as we inch closer towards the official start of winter.

We know that a lot of local householders will be concerned about staying warm in their properties during any prolonged cold snap and being able to afford to pay for potentially expensive energy bills.

It will be less of a worrying situation for them all if they follow our 5-step guide to a warmer residence…

Fit energy efficient windows and doors

Your home has very little chance of keeping the weather out if your existing windows and doors aren’t doing their job properly. Do you feel cold coming through them? If so, they need replacing.

Window and door technology is so sophisticated nowadays and this has led to the development of extremely thermally efficient window and door designs, like those you can buy at Mitchell Glass. They will propel energy efficiency standards at your home and keep heat loss to an absolute minimum.

Shut the curtains at night

Buying a new set of windows may be beyond your financial means at the moment, so if you have to persist with your current windows and you know they’re susceptible to letting the cold in, shut the curtains as soon as it goes dark. A thick set of curtains will be best for insulation purposes.

Switch energy supplier

Huge savings can be made on fuel costs simply by changing energy suppliers. The switching process has been simplified and quickened up in recent years to encourage more people to do it.

Just visit one of the many comparison sites out there and have your latest gas / electricity bills to hand to find a cheaper deal.

Keep the oven door open after cooking

Keen cooks tend to spend a lot of their time in the kitchen in winter preparing hearty dishes for the family like Shepherd’s Pie, Beef Stew or a hot and spicy curry.

If the dining table is set-up in the kitchen, leave your oven door opening after removing your culinary creations to allow the warm air to circulate around the space and keep everyone toasty. 

Wear winter clothing

It seems like such a daft suggestion, but you can hardly complain about being cold indoors if you take to wearing shorts and a t-shirt when conditions outside are extremely cold.

Put a jumper on with something underneath and a pair of trousers. Then all you need to do is snuggle up to your loved one on the sofa.

Begin the fightback against the cold conditions outside with the help of Mitchell Glass. Read our Customers Reviews page to find out how good we are at making homes more pleasurable places to live.


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