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A Door For Every Home In Scotland

Be honest with yourself and admit that you want your residence to be the most stunning property on your street. It’s what all Scottish householders hope for deep down but it will seldom be the case if your current front door lacks that designer quality.

Bespoke Timber Doors

Investment in a fabulously fetching front door should be as much of a priority as attending to those much-needed fixtures and fittings inside the house. It’s amazing though how often a house is let down by the appearance of the entranceway.

We don’t want yours to suffer solely because of a poor front door, so we urge you to search for a replacement door in our extensive door range as we have doors to suit every house North-of-the-border.

UPVC Doors

While it is true that the very first UPVC doors were a little too plastic-looking, developments in technology have ensured that the modern UPVC door is far more pleasing on the eye.

Suited to traditional and modern house styles, the depth of colour choices for UPVC doors has also grown as the dominate colour used to be white, and they have the durability needed to last for years and years.

Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (UPVC) is also completely weather-resistant, so there’s no chance of rotting or anything else like the occurring with any marks easily removed with a warm soapy cloth.

Composite Doors

Similarly ideal for traditional and modern properties, composite doors sit at the top of the list for door security as they’re manufactured from various materials, including UPVC and wood. They also contain a GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) skin and thick polyurethane foam at its core.

A composite door has a very discernible woodgrain effect and this gives it an appearance that you could easily mistake for a traditional timber door.

When it comes to colour you’re overwhelmed with options as virtually any RAL is compatible with a composite door enabling you to choose a finish that complements a period property, new-build, cottage or townhouse.

Bespoke Timber Doors

If you absolutely love the look of wood, in addition to our standard timber doors, we also give you the option of owning a bespoke timber door – what a way to make your mark on your new door!

These traditional timber doors can be precision crafted for your residence and supplied in either hardwood or Accoya wood (Accoya is the world’s leading long life sustainable wood). They’re resistant to the rotting that so often establishes on traditional timber doors.

You get full control of the design and can determine several things including whether it opens inwardly or outwardly, features sidelights or fanlights and comes with plain or patterned glass.

A magnificent and impressive home is assured once you’ve had any of Mitchell Glass’ door solutions fitted. See them all for yourself at our Galashiels showroom.



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