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BIG ENERGY SAVING WEEK - 5 Top Tips On Saving Energy From Mitchell Glass

You may not be aware that next week is officially Big Energy Saving Week in the UK, a national campaign established by Citizens Advice a few years ago aimed at helping Britons cut their energy costs and get financial support to pay for them.

It came about as energy bills have become a growing concern for families over the past decade. Being a bit more energy savvy is all it takes to lower their cost, something that Mitchell Glass can profess to be.

Ahead of the campaign starting, here’s five of our best energy saving tips to help you get a head start on driving down the cost of yours…

  1. Search for a better tariff and switch

Nine million UK households have lost a hefty £1,500 over the past six years simply because they have remained on the same energy deal during that time.

It’s a needless waste of money as they would be guaranteed to find a more competitive tariff elsewhere and all they need to do that is visit a comparison site and input their current gas and electricity usage. First-time switchers can save around £300+ annually.

  1. Install energy efficient windows & doors

Windows and doors that are 20+ years old are unlikely to offer a sufficient standard of thermal efficiency and insulation.

Reduce the amount of heat that escapes and cold air that manages to sneak through the frames and glass by installing windows and doors with the highest possible energy rating you can afford. Huge savings will be made during their very long lifespans.

  1. Use the timer on your heating system

Your heating doesn’t need to be on all the time – what’s the point of it being on when you’re in bed or when the house is empty?

Time it to come on only as and when you need it such as just before you get up in the morning or arrive home after work. Only heat the rooms you occupy most often too and turn off the radiators in the rooms you regularly leave empty.

  1. Unplug your charger

What would we do without our chargers? We use them to power the many mobile devices we carry with us nowadays such as our mobile phones, laptops and tablets.

When they are fully charged and the battery level hits 100% it is important that your charger is unplugged straight away as it will continue to consume energy.

  1. Stop over boiling your kettle

We reputedly drink 165 million cups of tea per day in the UK – that’s a lot of kettles being boiled up and down the land.

Boiling a full kettle costs around 2.5p and you should never boil it more than once in a matter of minutes as there’s no reason to. Only boil the kettle when you’re ready for a cuppa and only fill the kettle with the exact amount of water you need.


All home improvement products sold and supplied by Mitchell Glass are energy saving and can be seen in our Galashiels showroom if you need to stop energy bills eating into your finances too much.


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