Choose Timber At Mitchell Glass And Stay With Tradition

Timber windows have an aesthetic quality that few other materials can better or even match. The sight of a property predominantly containing wood-based products is a sight to behold but only when it is properly cared and looked after. Time is not always kind to wooden windows as they can often become rotten, worn and generally look past their sell-by-date. When timber windows in Scotland reach this stage it can take a tremendous amount of hard work and maintenance to get them looking back to their previous state. Repainting, varnishing, sanding etc. can be time exhaustive and won’t always result in having the desired effect you were hoping to achieve.
Sometimes it is just best to start from scratch which is the time when it makes sense to buy a brand new set of timber windows from Mitchell Glass. You have to see our timber windows to believe them as they look just like the real thing but don’t require any care or attention at any time!
Many people will understandably be concerned about the effect a change of timber windows will have on their home as you would be surprised at how important they are to the overall appearance of a property. But you will have no hesitancy once you see them in the flesh as they offer virtually identical looks and can be finished in a variety of different coloured finishes.
The detailing that goes into all our timber windows in Hawick is intricate to say the least. Hours and hours of effort are put in to ensure that our windows closely resemble what you had when you originally moved into your home. The same level of beauty can also be found in our aluminium windows in Livingston.
To see how our timber windows can transform your home for good visit our Galashiels showroom today.


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Our friendly team will be pleased to help with any questions you may have.
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