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Classic Or Modern Properties, Envisage Suits Them Both

When faced with the job of replacing original windows at a long-standing property with a classic style, the project needs to be tackled sensitively as you don’t want any replacement windows to ruin its traditional charm.

‘Classic’ house styles is a pretty broad use of the term, but in this case, we refer to properties with prominent ancient Greek or Roman architecture, specifically rational and symmetrical buildings and those characterised by square or round-headed openings, columns and pilasters and simple rooflines.

You will find lots of examples of these residences across Scotland and in our mind, the Envisage range is the most appropriate replacement window choice.

A flush casement window for the 21st Century

Envisage is a contemporary update of a traditional timber flush casement window and looks near identical to its precursor in nearly every way.

Available in ten authentic coloured finishes, we actually manufacture Envisage using UPVC, with not one bit of timber present in the frame, not that you would even realise. The proportions are the same as an old flush casement too and we have developed period-inspired hardware to go with the gorgeous design.

We have seen Envisage retain the personality of various old-style homes; however we wouldn’t like to pigeonhole the product as only being suitable for them. It can also enhance the kerb appeal of modern properties.

Here’s how else Envisage outdoes your normal flush casement…

  • UPVC is a weather-resistant material, so window maintenance is far simpler. You only need a wet cloth to remove any traces of the weather from the frame.


  • A U-value of just 1.2W/m2K is attainable, ensuring you of immense comfort and cheaper energy bills.


  • Our unique ‘Secure It’ locking mechanism is affixed to the window and has been strength-tested more than 30,000 times. It exceeds industry PAS24 standards.


Get a copy of our Windows and Doors brochure to read more about the incredible Envisage range from Mitchell Glass.  

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