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Don't Sacrifice Scottish Character For Energy Efficiency

In a recent paper entitled Homes Fit for the 21st Century, the Scottish Government outlined four major housing-related targets that they intend to achieve.
One of their pledges is that “by December 2020, improved design and greater energy efficiency in housing will have made a contribution to Scotland’s commitments to reduce our energy consumption by 12% and our greenhouse gas emissions by 42%.”

For this to happen new-build homes in the country need to be made as energy efficient as possible and our existing housing stock needs to be upgraded with energy efficient windows as leaky old windows are partly responsible for the problem.

When integrating energy efficient windows into long-standing Scottish residences e.g. cottages, period properties it is imperative that the window design in no way impedes their existing character or appearance just for the sake of improved energy performance, only preserves and indeed enhances it.

The best window option in this situation is Heritage windows.

What are Heritage windows?

Heritage windows are specifically designed to replicate the 19th Century flush sash timber window, from the frame itself to the hardware fixed to the design.

To the naked eye and touch you would be convinced that they’re crafted from timber, but they’re actually manufactured from UPVC.

By substituting timber for UPVC it makes the window far more energy efficient than a traditional wooden window and the window won’t suffer from the rotting, warping, discolouration and everything else that takes its toll on wooden windows.

Conservation areas and listed buildings

There are very strict rules put in place by planners for those wanting to replace windows at a property within a conservation area or listed building. This makes life difficult for householders.

However, Heritage windows are regularly given the thumbs up by planning authorities as a replacement window system for such properties. This is because of their impressive thermal efficiency, aesthetics and security.

It helps that they’re also supplied in colours characteristic of the 19th Century such as Chartwell Green and Irish Oak.

Mitchell Glass – the masters of mimicry

Our Heritage windows will rejuvenate the character of your home and help it make a positive contribution to Scotland’s carbon footprint.

Arrange a FREE quote for a Heritage window installation now.

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