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Homespiration - How To Turn Your Home Into A Beautiful Living Destination

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You can always get more out of your home somehow and discover new potentials in your living space, and that applies whether you live in a traditional cottage, studio apartment or old farmhouse. 

But how do you manage to do it on your own or as a family unit? Well, it needs a creative mind amongst you, some little bits of DIY between you and bundles of TLC offered by everyone in the house. Blend together that mix of ingredients and you won’t believe what’s possible.

If you need guidance from a few experts in interior design to see what’s potentially achievable, home influencers offer great inspiration.

That’s what we’ve found when reading the blogs and social output of some of Britain’s best home influencers, whose ideas have fuelled the ‘Homespiration’ we’re about to dish out:

Give open-plan living a go

It seems like everyone has an open-plan layout in their homes these days, and the most favoured use of an open-plan area tends to be as a kitchen-diner-living space, which acts as the heart of a home. 

Does an open-plan home lifestyle appeal to you? If so, remodelling your old Victorian terrace or semi-detached property to establish an open-area might not be as difficult as it sounds. 

Prior to making a move to an open-plan setup, be certain that the new arrangement will offer the necessary atmosphere and practicality. Make it as bright and spacious as you possibly can too, but not to the extent where it offers you little privacy indoors and cosiness. 

Make up a window seat

Family life at home can be so frantic and you need to be able to take a break from it sometimes. It’s just a case of having somewhere suitable to do just that. 

When it’s freezing cold outside in winter, we find sitting next to a roaring hot fire to be heart-warming and relaxing, but for the summer months, a window seat is the perfect spot to unwind. 

Because of their shape, bay windows make for a good window seat, but other window styles can also accommodate a window seat if they have space underneath for a bench or trunk. 

You can make it ‘your’ place for reading a book or just admire the outside view for a few moments alone. 

Garden zoning

It’ll be all about the Staycation this summer for the majority of us and you could have it at home rather than go to the expense of paying to stay at a hotel or camping site. 

Your garden will be central to any home holidaying you enjoy. If it’s large in size, segregate the space into zones, possibly three of them, with areas for eating outdoors, playing outdoors and relaxing outdoors. 

Al fresco dining is a must on any foreign holiday, so why not at home too? While tucking into your dinner, the kids can get on with splashing about in their paddling pool in the play area. 

Once it begins to get dark and everyone is ready to settle down for the night, have your tents pitched up and sleeping bags at the ready  in the chilled zone. 

If you would like more ‘Homespiration’ like this, try out our Virtual Appointment service to speak directly with a Mitchell Glass consultant from home via a mobile device or desktop computer. 

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