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How To Be Well Set Up At Home For Working

How to make homeworking work for you

Prior to the pandemic, a relatively small proportion of the Scottish nation worked from home, but that’s all changed now. 

Lots of businesses have come out and said that they will be offering their employees the option of working from home either all the time, or at least for part of each week.

It might be an option that you’ve been given. 

There’s no reason why you can work just as successfully at home as you would in your normal office if you have the right kind of set up. 

Here’s how to get it:

French / Patio / Bi-Folding Doors

We don’t know about you, but we’ve been counting down the days till spring, and now that it’s here, you want to get as much of that spring sunshine into your work area as you can.

Invite it in by adding French, patio or bi-folding doors into the most logical section of where you work, somewhere they can connect to the outdoor environment. 

These doors will come in handy if it gets hot as you can open them to bring in a nice breeze.

Bi-folding doors within an extension

Roof Lantern / Skylight

If you don’t feel these sorts of doors would entice enough natural light, you could go bigger and opt to incorporate a skylight or roof lantern in the ceiling. 

Almost totally dominated by glass, both solutions will significantly brighten up the space, to give you just the atmosphere required to work very diligently. 

Your work room will be flooded with light whilst the sun’s out, and it will be a show stopping sight up above.

Roof lantern

Home Office Extension

Or how about doing the obvious and having a home office extension built, complete with everything you need for work purposes?

Home offices have never been as popular as they are currently, and you can always get it customised to suit. 

It will make homeworking such an easy job, and the addition of a home office will also make a massive difference to the valuation of the property, helping it to shoot up.

A lady on the telephone in a home office

Check out the door range we have at Mitchell Glass if you wish to introduce one of the forms of door talked about in this blog post into your workspace.

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