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How To Reinvent Your Conservatory In Time For Summer

Summer is almost upon us, and if you own a conservatory, you don’t necessarily need to go to the expense of paying for a holiday abroad to enjoy the hottest season of the year.

Solid Tiled Roof Orangery

You can have some really special times in your conservatory this summer, unless it nowadays drastically overheats in summer and has a tired interior that no longer entices you to use the space. It may even have become completely ostracised in recent years.

Instead of deserting such a valuable amount of space, it can easily be upgraded to make the conservatory usable again throughout the summer months.  

The roofing system should be the first place you target for improvement…

Install a solid tiled roof

Poor thermal efficiency will predominantly be the fault of the roofing system attached to the design. Old polycarbonate and glass roofs aren’t very good at keeping the weather out, causing conservatories to feel more like ovens in summer.

If the existing base and windows can take the weight of a new roof, and you have the relevant permissions, you can exchange your old roof for a solid tiled roof which will improve temperature control.

Then, you can do the following…

Integrate bi-folds, patio doors or French doors

If your conservatory faces out towards your garden and there is a section of the structure free to accommodate a set of bi-folding doors, patio doors or French doors, don’t fail to take the opportunity to install them.

The opening they provide will connect your indoor and outdoor spaces together, making the conservatory feel bigger and giving the whole family freedom to flit between both places. It will also feel nice having the air from outside flowing around the interior of the conservatory, keeping you perfectly cool.

Change the colour scheme

Your furniture choices, blinds and soft furnishings can all contribute towards your colour scheme. We would advise that you choose a light colour to enhance the bright feel of the conservatory interior in summer. A very on-trend colour is ‘Spiced Honey’ after it was announced as Dulux Colour of the Year for 2019 – a warm amber shade with a desire to ‘let the light in’.

However, if you want to tone down the light that comes in a little, you could add some dark blinds and dark furniture.


Several of our brochures will inform you of other ways you can resurrect your old conservatory, or call into our Galashiels showroom for some top advice.




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