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Increase Spaciousness At Home With A Stylish Sunroom

Your home may be squeezed to its limit over the coming few weeks if you have young children off school as they’ll likely spend a lot of their time indoors. This may emphasise a need for more space in the future.

To get that space doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to move. You could extend the building with one of our delightfully attractive contemporary or traditional sunrooms.

What makes a sunroom different from a conservatory?

Mitchell Glass fits and supplies sunrooms and conservatories – they’re not the same thing!

A sunroom features less glass than a conservatory, and in some instances, contains full brick walls without any glass.

Normally built with an opaque roof, a sunroom doesn’t actually receive as much direct sunlight as a conservatory, but plenty of it still gets into the structure, making it feel wonderfully bright and inviting.

In the minds of some, a sunroom offers more of a natural extension and is less of an obvious add-on than a conservatory.

Build one from scratch or solidify an existing sunroom

So long as your proposed sunroom complies with planning laws, we can proceed with building one, and you can either have a traditional sunroom or an UltraRoof sunroom.

The UltraRoof is a very recent development. It is a thermally efficient slate tiled roof featuring large, made-to-measure rectangular glass panels that can be incorporated into most sunroom designs.

Already own a sunroom, but the warm weather is preventing you using it?

A replacement tiled roof is what’s needed to better insulate the space, which we can manufacture from the Guardian Warm Roof™. Sometimes this can be done without modifying the existing windows, doors and base.

Whatever choice you make, you’ll be left with the perfect playroom for the kids over the holiday period or reserve it for the adults and use it as a destination for those occasions you need some “me time”.


Speak to one of our consultants if a sunroom is what you need for all your future summer breaks. You can book an appointment with them here.




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