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Interior Design Ideas For Your Conservatory

You get a superb amount of spaciousness when having a conservatory fitted at your house and like any other room in your residence its interior should be utilised to its full potential.

There are so many possible ways of furnishing and accessorising a conservatory and you should find the whole process exhilarating as it’s a golden opportunity to integrate your personality into the space.

So that all the design ideas you implement into your new or old conservatory interior are bang on trend you will find it useful to know what’s set to be fashionable this coming autumn/winter.

Give the nod to navy

Ultra Violet was chosen as Pantone’s Colour of the Year for 2018, but it’s the classic navy colour that’s set to be the favoured finish for many as we head into those darker and colder days and nights. There’s something about navy that establishes calmness in even the busiest of spaces; exactly what you need at this time of the year when more time than ever is spent indoors. All manner of soft furnishings can be bought in navy from throws to cushions and rugs.

Be sustainable

No-one knows interiors better than IKEA and they have predicted that householders will be increasingly looking for homewares, furniture and fabrics that have been produced sustainably. We’re constantly being reminded of the importance of protecting the environment and there are plenty of sustainable and stylish products out there that will demonstrate to those you know that you are committed to planet preservation.

Invest in the personal touch

Everything seems to be mass-produced these days and lacks the personal touch you get when purchasing handmade items that you know have been painstakingly created by a master crafts person. You can still find lots of handcrafted products in the shops perfect for conservatories including handmade tables, seating, dressers, sideboards etc. Handmade items also often outlast off-the-shelf equivalents, which goes to show the enduring quality they offer.  

A Mitchell Glass consultant will also be able to give you lots of ideas for conservatory interiors. Book a 1-hour appointment with one today. Our inspirations page is worth looking at too!

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