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Mitchell Glass Named As One Of The Window Companies Best Placed To Survive

Of all threats the window and door industry has faced during our 145 years in business, of which there have been many, the current pandemic is arguably the biggest of them all. 

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It’s caused huge financial implications for window and doors companies and led to mass uncertainty for their customers. The British Chamber of Commerce has warned that 6 out of 10 windows & doors companies will run out of cash within the next 3 months.

We won’t lie. This is a tough and challenging time for us. But we are well-positioned to survive it, as has just been acknowledged in the new Special Crisis Edition of the Plimsoll Analysis. 

The report names R. MITCHELL (GLASS) LTD among 846 “Strong” companies with the strongest balance sheets that are in the best position to survive the COVID-19 crisis and thrive in the post crisis recovery.

It also reveals those who were already under financial pressure before the crisis and may need a great deal of support and funding to pull through, such as the:


  • 400 companies that have been rated as in “DANGER” in the latest analysis.
  • 571 companies that have large amounts of debt.
  • 60 companies that are making a loss.


Unfortunately, 254 companies were in a weakened cash position before the crisis. The current lockdown and economic paralysis have caught them out and many are likely to run out of money.

The Plimsoll Analysis is a very trusted authority on the financial standing of businesses, offering updated and informed opinion on the health and prospects of every company. Their ratings tell you who is flourishing and who is heading for failure. 

We hope this provides you with some reassurance than when buying from Mitchell Glass right now, you can do so with the utmost confidence. It’s our intention to still be around in another 145 years and no pandemic will stop that. 


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