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Open Up Your Home With Bi-Folding Doors

Open plan living in homes new and old is a much sought after lifestyle for homeowners in Scotland and it can be easily be realised via a bi-folding door installation.
Where there is a suitable aperture, bi-folding doors can be inserted between home and garden, home and home extension or even between two internal living spaces, so that they can be converted into one room.

The way that bi-folding doors make open plan living achievable is just one of many reasons why they’re worth your investment.

Various configurations

You can have plenty of influence on your bi-fold door design, including how it is configured. Normally you can have anything from 2 to 7 door leafs encompassed into the design and will be given the option of them opening inwardly or outwardly. Base your decision of an inward or outward opening on how much space you have internally and externally. You will also be allowed to determine the direction in which the doors can be opened and of course also get to choose the final finish.

Stunning views

The unique concertina-like opening provided by bi-folding doors means that they will occupy just 10% of wall space when completely ajar. This creates a significant opening which is will give you most magnificent view when you have them fitted between home and garden or your conservatory and the outdoors. The view will be no less special when the bi-folding doors are fully closed as the aluminium frames are amazingly slender and the panes of glass are incredibly long, creating wonderful sightlines.

Bright surrounds

A further bonus of the trim aluminium frames and abundance of glass when bi-folding doors are facing out onto your garden is that lots of natural sunlight will come through them. This will illuminate your interior and make it feel significantly more spacious than it did prior to their installation.

Minimal maintenance

Aluminium needs very little care and attention. Any marks that appear on the frames can normally be wiped away with a wet cloth and you will only likely have to do this every six months or so. When dirt forms on the glass, a conventional glass cleaner should be enough to get the glass gleaming again.

Get the best bi-folds at Mitchell Glass

We will make sure that your bi-folding doors are made-to-measure when you buy them from Mitchell Glass so that they make a stunning impact on your home and totally change its dynamic.

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