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Reinvent Your Conservatory With A Solid Roof

There will be some conservatory owners who dread the arrival of summer and winter. Why? It is because the inside of their old extension gets sweltering hot in the summer sun and freezing cold in the deepest, darkest depths of winter.
All the blame can be levelled at the roofing system. Their polycarbonate or glass roofing system simply doesn’t offer the necessary temperature regulation to keep the interior cool or warm depending on the weather outside.

This leaves them with no choice but to abandon their conservatory at these key times of the year. But it doesn’t have to be this way!

A solid roof is the answer to the problem…

You can remove the existing roof and replace it with a solid roof which guarantees you thermal comfort all-year round.

This can be done without any form of demolishing taking place – the existing walls and base will remain in place.

Further good news comes when you hear that a solid roof can be specially crafted to replace the current roofing system on numerous styles of conservatory. It also only takes a few hours to fit the roof, so an old conservatory can be made usable again in no time at all.

THREE further benefits of a solid roof installation

  1. Greater noise insulation

Does outside noise interfere with your enjoyment of the conservatory? Fitting a solid roof will significantly mask any external noise so that you can have the peace and quiet you deserve when relaxing in the joyous surrounds of the space.

  1. Authentic styled tiles/slates

So that the solid roof complements the tiles/slates on the roof of your house, it comes available in lightweight tiles/slates of its own. They look exactly like authentic tiles/slates and are available in stereotypical tile/slate colours.

  1. Reinstates value to your home

Property experts widely estimate that adding a conservatory to your home can increase its resale value by around 7%. You cannot expect this to be the case when selling if the conservatory isn’t sufficiently thermally efficient. The fitting of a solid roof will make the conservatory a valuable addition to your residence again.

Investment in a solid roof will be a rock solid purchase

Once you have had a solid roof integrated into your existing conservatory design it will be just revisiting the very first time you stepped inside its elegant confines.

Request a brochure now from Mitchell Glass to find out more about our solid roof conservatories.


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