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Sash And Case Windows For Your Baronial Residence

Almost everywhere you go in Scotland you’re surrounded by the most captivating architecture. The Scottish baronial style is particularly striking and first emerged in the 16th Century.

Sash & Casement Windows

Inspired by medieval castles and tower houses, it consists of anything from the following:

  • Corner towers (defensive towers built at the corners of castles or fortresses)
  • Battlements (a parapet at the top of a wall, especially of a fort or castle)
  • Crow-stepped gables (a stairstep design at the top of the triangular gable-end of a building)
  • Multi-gabled rooflines (commonly seen at some train stations)
  • Machicolation (an opening or series of openings in a projecting parapet on a medieval castle, typically used for dropping things on invaders).

A good example of a landmark built in the Scottish Baronial style is Balmoral Castle in Aberdeenshire, the Scottish home of the Royal Family. It is a style that was extensively used throughout Scotland up until WW1.

As you can probably imagine, the current windows in most Baronial residences will be ageing and offering insufficient thermal efficiency, security and stylishness for the respective occupants.

Mitchell Glass can assist in such circumstances by supplying and fitting replacement sash and case windows – the best window solution for this style of property.

Sash and Case Windows

Sash and case windows were first developed in the late 1600s and originally featured pulleys and weights until the design was modified and started to be frequently integrated into Scottish homes from the 1680s.

We are hugely experienced at renovating, upgrading and replacing original timber sash and case windows in Baronial residences.

Once we have worked our magic, the relevant property will feel warmer, more secure and look better than ever.

Listed Buildings

Just be advised that if it is a listed property a listed building application form will need to be filled in and submitted along with accompanying drawings, photos and a condition report. We will assist with this.

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