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What Will Be Hot In Home Décor This Year?

Since 2004, the third Monday every January has been coined ‘Blue Monday’, a term used by psychologist Cliff Arnall to describe what he believes to be the most depressing day of the year.

Today is that day! Hopefully you don’t feel like that, but if you are a bit gloomy, plan something that will lift that gloominess and get you excited, such as a home makeover.

New Year, new decade. It makes sense to kick-off this new era by revitalising the look of your living space.

To inform the project, try and uncover what 2020’s biggest home décor trends will be so that you can incorporate some of them.

If you don’t know where to start with that, Mitchell Glass has done the research for you…

  1. There will be two colours of the year – ‘Tranquil Dawn’ and ‘Classic Blue’

Living with a dated colour scheme? Change it with either an injection of ‘Tranquil Dawn’ or ‘Classic Blue’, the respective Colours of the Year of Dulux and Pantone.

‘Tranquil Dawn’ is a misty grey-green hue and has been compared to “the space between the land and sky”.

It will match with several different shades and is probably best-suited to use in your hallway, lounge, bedroom or kitchen.

When applying it to walls, do so with some patterned wallpaper, or go out and buy some Tranquil Dawn coloured blinds and curtains, using dark colours as a contrast to them.

Described as being “evocative of the vast evening sky”, getting ‘Classic Blue’ into your interior could be as simple as adding Classic Blue throws and cushions to your sofa or armchairs, or finding a statement chair for the sitting room.

  1. Houseplants

Houseplants peaked in popularity in the ’70s and they’re fast making a comeback in the 2020’s.

Millennials are the main driving force behind the renaissance of houseplants to make up for the absence of an outside garden and a desire to bring a bit of nature indoors.

Cacti sales have surged and the same goes for Spathiphyllum (peace lily), with both, and many other houseplants, offering a variety of health benefits for recipients e.g. improved breathing, boosted healing and deterred illness.

  1. Non-traditional shaped mirrors

Do you give yourself an admiring glance in the mirror first thing in the morning? Or do you have mirrors strategically positioned around the house to make it feel bigger than it is?

If they’re the usual round or rectangular mirrors, exchange them for some modern mirrors in an octagonal, hexagonal or polygon shape, as that’s what thousands of others will be doing.

Geometric patterns are still an ‘in’ thing, so you could get a strange-shaped mirror with geometric detail to combine the two looks in a single item.


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