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Why A FENSA Certificate Is Important And How To Replace One

FENSA is the window and door industry’s main regulatory scheme, as you will know if you paid attention to their recent TV advertising campaign. 

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You’re always best to use a FENSA-approved installer for new windows and doors as you are guaranteed a quality installation, and you will also receive a FENSA certificate at the conclusion of the work. 

Mitchell Glass has been a FENSA member for many years and we’re tremendously proud of that fact. To attain this endorsement, we had to pass a series of tough assessments whilst being monitored by the watchful eyes of FENSA’s uncompromising assessors. 

Every single customer that has windows and doors supplied by Mitchell Glass gets a FENSA certificate issued to them. You won’t get this document from a non-FENSA member. 

It needs to be kept hold of as it proves that the windows / doors fitted by us, or any other FENSA installer, have been certified with your local authority. But not just that. It also proves that they provide the correct standard of thermal efficiency and comply with current UK building regulations. 

Find a safe place for the document that you won’t forget as it will be required when selling the property. The solicitor of any buyer will request to see it so they can be certain that any windows and doors installed after 2002 have been properly certified. If you don’t have the certificate to hand over, an interested buyer could well withdraw their interest in your home. 

It’s not the end of the world if you misplace the certificate as it can be replaced. 

You just need to visit the official FENSA website, enter your address, and ideally, the certificate ID no. If the certificate is located, it will cost you £25 to get a new copy of it sent to you. 

Our About Us page contains more information about our FENSA membership and various other industry accreditations. 

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