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Why Now Is The Time To Invest In A Home Extension For Summer

Summer might seem a million miles away right now as Storm Gareth continues to swirl its way around Scotland, but the weather will pick up soon and we’ll (hopefully) be in the middle of a heatwave before too long.  

The very mention of summer will get some people thinking about how they can make the most of it once it finally arrives and we believe there’s no finer place to enjoy it than in one of our lavish home extensions.

We offer the most beautifully designed orangeries, conservatories and sunrooms and we can tell you now, you haven’t truly experienced summer until you’ve spent much of it inside one of these outstanding structures.

But, if you want one, you need to order it now! Otherwise, your summer is likely to come and go without one.  

Why the hurry? Let us explain…

It takes time to create the perfect design

Our customers all have their own individual ideas of how their perfect home extension would look and Mitchell Glass does everything it can to ensure that they get exactly what they want.

This will include making choices in terms of the style of the extension, what materials are used to construct it, the type of glazing used, the colour of the design and how the design is accessorised. In other words, there’s lots to think about as you definitely don’t want a home extension that looks really out of place.

A survey will also need to be conducted at the proposed site before work begins with various measurements taken to ensure the final installation runs smoothly and is successful. Only once you’re genuinely content with everything should you give the thumbs up to it being fitted.

Planning permission may be required

Some aspiring home extension owners don’t realise that they might need to obtain planning permission to be able to have an extension built at their home.

Unless the extension is considered to be a Permitted Development (more info about this can be found here), a planning application will have to be completed, outlining the plans for the extension, and submitted to the relevant local planning department.

Upon receipt of the application, it can take anything from 8-13 weeks for them to decide if the installation can go ahead or not. When they refuse the application they will give their reasons for rejecting it and you can take this feedback on-board, remodel the design accordingly and submit a further application.

You need to settle into the space

Spending time inside an orangery, conservatory or sunroom will be incomparable to spending time anywhere else in your home and you will sense that the moment you first walk into the completed extension. Adjusting to the ambience it offers won’t be something that comes quickly, but you’ll have a lot of fun reaching that point.

You will also find yourself playing around with different arrangements inside, moving furniture from one area of the extension to the next until the layout feels right. It’s worth looking at our Living Spaces page to get some ideas of what you could do.


Get your house in order and ask for a FREE no obligation quote for a home extension from Mitchell Glass today.


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