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3 Projects That Have The Potential To Decrease The Value Of Your Home

You should only ever make big changes to your home when you know for certain that they will enhance its value. 

The current home trends that we outlined in our blog post last month are good examples of how you can achieve this aim. 

What you certainly don’t want is for so-called ‘enhancements’ to result in the resale price of your home to take a nose-dive. That would be a disaster, and a huge waste of money and effort. 

So that you avoid this scenario, we advise against doing projects such as these:

Reducing the number of bedrooms you have

The departure of someone from the family home may have left you with an empty bedroom. It would be a waste not to use it somehow if it no longer gets used. 

You could set up a desk in there and have it as a home office, or have it act as an exercise room. But when doing that, don’t transform it so much that it cannot be a bedroom again at some point.

A permanent reduction from a 4-bed house to a 3-bed house may well cut the valuation of your home.

Doing too much re-carpeting

It makes sense to replace any worn-out carpeting where it’s really needed, or any carpets that are full of unsightly marks and stains. 

But it would be a gamble to re-carpet the whole house as you cannot be certain that your chosen carpet will be universally loved by people.

Someone interested in buying your home may be put off by the idea of having to fork out for brand-new flooring because they don’t like your carpet scheme.

Ripping out a lawn

You will be in a better position to sell your home, at a good asking price, if you have a garden, and one with a neatly manicured lawn. 

We appreciate that lawn maintenance isn’t always the most exciting of chores, but you would be daft to have your lawn taken out when it’s likely to appeal to buyers. 

If you really have had enough of mowing the lawn all the time, you could always exchange it for a fake lawn. Artificial grass has the same look and feel as natural grass.

To make the resale price of your home shoot up, have a look at the product range available at Mitchell Glass. We have several FREE product brochures that you can download.

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