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5 Tips To Help You Keep Warm At Home This Winter

Whether you follow the astrological or meteorological calendar, you will know that we’re not yet technically into winter, but you would certainly think that we are judging by the weather outside.

It’s a comforting feeling knowing that you’re able to shut yourself off from the cold outdoor conditions when you get home, or at least that should be the case at this time of the year.

If it feels almost as cold inside your house as it does outside, you need to urgently do something about it, before winter really starts to bite.

Use our 5 winter-warming tips to help create a cosy abode for this winter and beyond:

  1. Fit energy efficient windows and doors

Some of the cold you feel indoors will be coming through your windows and doors – as traditional windows and doors age and become weathered, gaps can form in them, giving draughts a point of entry.   

Our entire replacement window and door range will resist the weather completely and promise a very high level of thermal efficiency. Their insulating frames, and the energy efficient glass within them, will heat your living space by utilising the warmth produced internally by your boiler, and the sun, more effectively.

  1. Arrange a boiler service

You should have your boiler serviced every year by a qualified gas engineer. The purpose of a boiler service is to check that it is running as efficiently as possible, and to also reduce the likelihood of it breaking down.

It may be recommended that you replace your existing boiler for a newer model. Don’t be put off by the cost of buying one as it will save you a fortune on energy bills over a long period, and you won’t have to fork out for expensive repairs.

  1. Equip your conservatory with a solid roof

If you’re hosting the Christmas dinner this year, you could carve the turkey and serve it out to your guests in your conservatory. That might not be possible though if the extension isn’t well-insulated.  

All you need to do to resolve that is have a solid tiled roof fitted to the conservatory to make it fully useable for the Christmas celebrations.

  1. Capitalise on the heat from the oven

Home lifestyles have evolved in recent times. Families now find themselves socialising and watching TV in the kitchen, more often than in their traditional living area.

After taking food out of a hot oven, leave the door open for a little while to allow the hot air to circulate around the kitchen so that there’s no frosty feel within the room.

  1. Invest in some thick curtains

Though energy efficient windows and doors will allow very little cold air to enter into your living spaces, it helps if your curtains are also able to keep the weather away from them.

Made from heavy cotton or polyester, hanging up some thermal insulated curtains will prevent the minute amount of coldness that forces its way through your windows leaving you shivering.


If you book an appointment with one of our consultants, they will be able to direct you to the products that will heat up your home.








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