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Composite vs UPVC Doors – Which Come Out On Top?

It cannot be overstated enough how integral it is that you have an elegant entranceway into your home as people often make an immediate judgement on someone’s house solely based on the appearance of their front door. Nobody wants their humble abode to get the thumbs down.

Black Composite Door

So that yours gets the thumps up, we suggest that you take a look at your existing front entrance and decide whether it is in a good enough condition to create a positive perception. If you suspect not, it needs to be replaced for either a brand new UPVC or composite door.

Most of us have heard of or currently own a UPVC door, but perhaps not quite as many of us are familiar with composite doors.

Let Mitchell Glass give you more of an understanding of composite doors while also seeing how the two door options compare against one another in a number of areas…


With a full name like unplasticized polyvinyl chloride, it comes as no surprise that UPVC offers a plastic-like appearance which isn’t as unenticing as you may expect. UPVC doors also come supplied in a much broader choice of finishes nowadays than they did previously.

However, few could argue that a composite door edges it in the style stakes as it almost looks identical to wood. The reason for that is simple – composite doors contain a good percentage of timber.

The aesthetics of both won’t be compromised by the weather throughout their considerable lifespans as UPVC and composite doors are completely weather-resistant


Price will be a crucial factor for many door buyers and a UPVC door is less costly than a composite door.

We would advise that you don’t be too swayed by price though if you can afford not to be as you certainly get your extra money’s worth from a composite door when you do your calculations.

You also shouldn’t think that a UPVC door isn’t as good as a composite door just because it costs less as that simply isn’t the case and it will be money well spent.


Just remember what the primary purpose of any front door you buy should be – to keep the inside of your home protected.

Wood is one of several materials used to manufacture a composite door and it has a very dense frame, something that makes it exceptionally strong and almost impossible to break when locked.

A UPVC door cannot quite compete in terms of strength, but it does come with a sophisticated multi-point locking mechanism that keeps the locked door securely fastened to the frame.


We don’t believe that there’s a winner or loser when comparing UPVC doors with composite doors as it’s all down to personal preference. It’s probably best that you come and visit our Galashiels showroom to decide which you feel is victorious.







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