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Continue To Plan Your Home Improvements - Use Our Free Online Design Service

It’s around about this time of year, on the cusp of spring and not far from summer, when a lot of homeowners start to think about making home improvement plans. But how are you meant to do that when the world has ground to a halt?

A solution to this major hurdle is to make the most of our FREE Online Design Service. 

Without having to see us in person and without us having to come and see you, you can have a conversation with one of our consultants online or over the phone. 

Would you like new windows and doors or a luxurious home extension once things get back to normal? No problem. 

Just inform our consultant during the appointment of what you want and we will prep a large chunk of the project ahead of our team coming to your house to complete the installation when the time is right. 

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, we can share visuals and videos with you online to give you some inspirational ideas. 

As part of the service, you will also be notified of any special offers that are currently on at Mitchell Glass and could save you some precious cash. 

Because we can’t come out and measure or take any photographs at the moment, we’ll ask you to do it for us. Trust us. It isn’t as difficult as it may sound and you will be given a clear explanation of what is required.

Once we have these, along with all the other information, we will develop some concepts for you to have a look at and prepare a FREE no obligation quote. This quote will be fixed for six months, so you don’t have to make an immediate decision. 


Don’t let the current situation scupper any plans you had to enhance your home. Carry on with them and get your FREE Online Design Appointment booked. 


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