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Design Your Home Improvements To Suit Your Home

Making regular improvements to your home can improve its value and make it more appealing to buyers.
We use the word “can” because any home improvements you make must be in keeping with the styling and architecture of the house. If they’re not then they could have the complete opposite effect.

There is no chance of that happening when you purchase your new windows, doors or extension from Mitchell Glass.

Bespoke design is a speciality of ours

We understand that every home is different with varying needs and requirements, so instead of offering standard designs and expecting them to suit all types of property, we craft bespoke solutions.

A combination of AutoCAD software and our visualisation program allows us to do this and ensure that the window, door or conservatory you pick fits in faultlessly and perfectly complements your home.

You tell us exactly what you need and we will deliver the necessary product/s.

Get to know your windows

It is still valuable if, for instance, you have a short overview of the types of home some of the window styles we offer would most suit.

Sash Windows

  • They have been around for generations and work well when incorporated into most properties, but sash windows look particularly good when incorporated into traditional residences.

Tilt & Turn Windows

  • The ingenuity of the tilt & turn design, which can be opened inwardly and completely outwardly, makes it a great window innovation for a contemporary residence to help give it that cutting edge.

Casement Windows

  • Because they come in such a varied choice of styles, sizes and colours, casement windows can be seen in millions of homes. Their adaptability is part of the reason why they’re tailor-made for properties new and old.

But like we’ve mentioned, if none of the window styles listed above or products showcased on our website are what you need then we relish the opportunity to develop some solutions that do the job.

Begin by giving us a call for FREE on 0808 301 3138.




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