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Do You Have A Listed Building And Need New Windows? Try Secondary Windows

It is estimated that there are around 500,000 listed buildings in the UK. A building receives listed status when it is of special architectural or historic interest considered to be of national importance and therefore worth protecting.
Making enhancements to listed buildings can be a complicated matter.

Minor improvements are usually allowed, but when major improvements are mooted that will affect the character of a listed building, listed building consent needs to be obtained first. The latter issue covers things like installing new windows.

When the existing windows in a listed building cease to provide sufficient thermal efficiency and readily allow draughts indoors, what do you do if you cannot obtain listed building consent? Install Secondary Windows!

What are Secondary Windows?

Secondary Windows are an extra slim-line window that can be added to existing windows to improve thermal and acoustic performance.

When applied they will be virtually unnoticeable, but what you will notice is how much warmer the building is. Because they’re so inconspicuous and won’t disrupt the appearance of the windows, Listed Building consent won’t be required and they can be fitted in no time at all.

They’re also a superb option for those living in rented accommodation and properties within a conservation area that need enhanced thermal and acoustic performance.

Secondary Windows on sale at Mitchell Glass

Mitchell Glass specialises in Secondary Windows and custom-builds them to suit the desired installation.

Our team of installers have the skill necessary to integrate Secondary Windows into most window types.

We estimate that you will save around 10% on energy bills by fitting Secondary Windows as they minimise heat loss and promote solar gain.

They will make a big difference, and importantly, won’t upset the planners!

To understand exactly how Secondary Windows work and how we put them in place, visit our Galashiels showroom.

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