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Extend Your Home With A Sunroom From Mitchell

The trend for improving instead of moving continues north of the border and a lot of our customers are choosing to do just that with a new home extension.

They’re not all choosing conservatories and orangeries though! Some are gravitating towards our sunrooms which we assure you are a very different structure to a traditional conservatory.

Admittedly, conservatories and sun rooms both predominantly consist of glass, but a sunroom is generally regarded as being less of an extension and more of a room, hence why it has the word “room” in its name.

Most conservatories also come with a glass roof, while a sunroom usually has a solid roofing system, which is very appropriate as you get more solidity from the latter than the former. This solid roof delivers superb thermal regulation, minimising the risk of the interior becoming either too hot or too cold at certain times of the year. The internal temperature will remain consistently steady so that frequent usage can be gotten out of it.

It can be used in pretty much anyway you like. Some householders treat their sunroom as a special spot for lounging, while others treat it as a home gym, a place where they can keep fit in peace. It really is up to you how you utilise the space as our experienced designers are skilled enough to create a sunroom for any desired purpose.

The size of a house will significantly increase once a sunroom is a permanent part of the building, and it’s not the only thing that will increase as the resale value of the property will go up. What may initially seem a demanding financial investment will pay off in the long-term if you ever come to sell.

We offer three forms of sunroom at Mitchell Glass – traditional, replacement and Ultraroof. See if a sunroom is to your taste and what your home is missing during a visit to our Galashiels showroom.

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