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Find Out What The Top Home Trends For 2019 Will Be

Ok, you’ve put it off for long enough! Isn’t it time that you freshened up your home interior if it’s been ages since you last decorated and accessorised your living space? A New Year will soon begin which makes it the perfect time to create a new-look home interior.

Livin Room Orangery Internal

To do it successfully you’re always best to check out what the latest home trends are and there have been several of them in 2018 including a rise in sales of skylights, greater adoption of smart technology at home and the injection of brighter colours into kitchens.

Although we can’t give you conclusive evidence of what home trends will take off in 2019, using our experience we have a good idea of what some of them might be…

Spiced Honey

Every year, the paint experts at Dulux announce their ‘Colour of the Year’ and it’s Spiced Honey that’s got their vote for 2019.

Upon crowning it their Color of the Year they described Spiced Honey as “a warm amber tone, inspired by the beauty and versatility of honey itself” if you want some idea of how it looks and want to understand the thought-process behind developing it.

Dulux have also handily written a guide detailing ways that you can implement the Spiced Honey colour into your home. You can read it here.

Statement Ceilings

Interior designers refer to the ceiling as the “fifth wall” in the house and we often fail to give it any decorative attention and just leave it blank.

But that’s set to change and ceilings will receive far more love as people look to make a designer statement with their ceiling by either just painting it or adding a three-dimensional or Geometric design.

Whatever you decide to do to your ceiling, ensure that the ceiling suits your accent walls and the décor of the space.

Floral Patterns

Few patterns introduce as much interest and personality like a floral pattern and there will be lots of floral variations around in home interiors.

You can use throws, pillows, bedding, rugs or other soft furnishings to bring some fancy florals into your home or how about trying to find a floral-decorated chair that you can have as a sole statement piece.

Resist the temptation to add too many florals as it could prove a little too much – less is always more.


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