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Heritage Windows For Your Classical Home

You have to be incredibly careful and sympathetic when replacing old windows in classically styled residences so that the new window design does not hinder the original appearance of the house.

Olive Grey Flush Casement Windows

The classical style is characterised by references to ancient Greek and Roman architecture – rational and symmetrical buildings, square or round-headed openings, columns and pilasters and simple rooflines.

There are plenty of these types of property in Scotland and the best replacement window solution in these circumstances is Heritage windows.

A modern 19th Century sash timber window

The Heritage window has been specially crafted to mimic the look of a traditional 19th Century sash timber window so that it can be easily integrated into classic homes. It has an elegant exterior, and contains period hardware on the inside to give it added authenticity.

Any likeness between a Heritage window and 19th Century sash timber window in appearance is where the similarities end.

To your possible surprise, our Heritage windows are actually built using UPVC and not authentic wood. This is beneficial in a number of ways:

  • Maintenance-free – you will never have to clean or repaint the window as UPVC is fully weather-resistant.
  • Thermally efficient – some will be replacing their old windows because they’re offering inadequate insulation. Heritage windows have a high window energy rating and will keep your interior cosy and comfortable.
  • Ultra-secure – wooden windows weaken as they get older and become more easily breakable. UPVC is much more resilient and will fight off the ageing process that so readily gets the better of timber alternatives. A Heritage design also includes up-to-the-minute locks and fixings.
  • Double or triple glazed – it can accommodate either 28mm double glazing or 44mm triple glazing in the frame.
  • Authentic colours – you can have the windows supplied in a number of Heritage inspired finishes including Irish Oak, Cotswold Biscuit and Chartwell Green. These colours will last as long as the windows themselves i.e. a very long time.

We have a Heritage of our own

You won’t find a more trusted Heritage window supplier and fitter in Scotland than Mitchell Glass. With a legacy that dates back to 1875, we know windows better than anybody else. A visit to our Galashiels showroom will confirm that.

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