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Home Security Month: How To Keep Your Home Safe All Year Round

We imagine that your property, and everything inside it, is extremely precious to you. So, consider for a second how devastated you would be if a thoughtless thief successfully ransacked the place all because your home security wasn’t up to scratch.

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To emphasise the importance of effective home security, this month marks National Home Security Month, which is very timely as thefts rise by an average of 38% when the clocks go back and the evenings become darker.

So that the place you call home doesn’t become part of that statistic this winter, implement our suggested security measures to thwart thieves.

Invest in new secure windows and doors

Put your existing windows and doors to the test by giving them a good push when they’re locked shut. Do you notice even the slightest bit of give? If so, they need to be replaced at the soonest opportunity as they’re the primary entrance points for burglars.

Exchanging them for the very latest windows and doors will be worth the investment as they contain resilient frames and sophisticated locking mechanisms. Just ensure that once they’re fitted, they’re properly locked whenever you’re heading up to bed or heading out of the house as many burglaries occur due to unlocked windows and doors.

Appoint a house minder

Thieves aren’t daft. They know an empty house when they see one! Obvious clues are curtains that are either drawn or open at inappropriate times of the day and heaps of post building up in the letterbox.

These hints you’re on holiday can be removed by asking a trusted friend or family member to keep tabs on your house in your absence. This should involve opening and closing the curtains in the morning and at night-time and taking in any post. If they’re able to, you could even ask them to occupy the house for the duration of your break.

Install a quality alarm system

We say “home is where the heart is” which makes it all the more surprising that according to a recent study by Yale only 30% of UK homes are fitted with a burglar alarm. This is at a time when 2017 saw a 9% rise in home burglaries in comparison to 2016.

You’re far less likely to be a victim of theft when you have a reliable alarm system that provides an instant audible deterrent when it detects a break-in. Don’t be deterred by the cost of an alarm as it’ll be worth its weight in gold if it stops someone from taking off with your belongings.  

Security comes first for Mitchell Glass

No-one takes home security more seriously than Mitchell Glass. Our entire product range is security minded as you will discover when you come and test out our windows and doors at our showroom.

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