How Secondary Glazing Will Benefit Your Home

How Secondary Glazing Will Benefit Your Home

You may have had plans to get new windows organised this summer, but had to postpone them due to the rising cost of almost everything right now.

It’s not an ideal situation if you know that your existing windows have reached their shelf-life and aren’t delivering what your home needs or showing it off in a good light.

Secondary Glazing from Mitchell Glass

Wondering if there’s an alternative and cheaper solution? Mitchell Glass can confirm that there is and it’s called secondary glazing, a product that’s particularly good for conservation areas, listed or historic buildings.

All that it requires is a slim-line window being added to your windows, which although a very straightforward measure, will have a significant impact in various ways.

Greater thermal performance

Energy bills are one of the costliest outgoings for homeowners at the moment, and with the price cap set to rise again in October, they’ll soon be going up some more.

It’s therefore never been as important that your windows are thoroughly insulating your property, preventing minimal heat from escaping.

Secondary glazing will see to that and ensure that you don’t pay too much than you should be doing on energy.

Less noise

After a tough day in the office, it’s nice to unwind at home with no disturbances, but that can be difficult to come by if your windows struggle to fight off external noise from cars and pedestrians.

You won’t hear as much it once secondary glazing is in position, leaving you to enjoy the peace and quiet you crave.

Improved security

Your windows are also there to keep your home safe. The slightest weakness in them will be pounced upon by thieves.

Window protection will be enhanced by the introduction of secondary glazing as it will make your windows harder to open without the relevant keys.

Your mind can then be less preoccupied about concerns over home security, enabling you to concentrate on other things.

Different versions of secondary glazing can be supplied, depending on what you need, including horizontal sliding, vertical sliding, side hinged, clip in, clip out and fixed secondary glazing. Let us quote you for it.


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