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How To Get Your Conservatory Setup For The Scottish Summer

Where has the great weather gone? Summer was looking so promising, but at the moment, things are quite wet, which is perhaps slightly less frustrating for those with a conservatory or orangery they can take shelter in. 

You can have a great amount of fun in your extension in summer, but the first thing you need to be sure of is that it has a well-regulated temperature – when it’s hot outside, you don’t want to be sweltering inside it!

That all largely comes down to one key component; the roof!

A changing of roofing systems is the first in a series of steps you can take to make your extension summer-ready:

Solid roof installation

Getting your old glass or polycarbonate roof taken out and replaced with a custom-made solid roofing system will completely transform the fortunes of your extension. 

It will make the space feel a more comfortable place to spend your time in all weathers, even when the external temperature is sky-high or below freezing. 

The UltraRoof 380 is one of the leading solid tiled roofs and can be incorporated into almost any conservatory or orangery style and often without any new windows or doors needing to be put in. 

Fit window blinds

Are you left squinting a lot in your extension because of glare from the sun? 

You can’t shift the positioning of the extension to stop this, but what you can do is invest in some window coverings. 

The biggest-selling blinds for conservatories tend to be Venetian blinds, roller blinds and pleated blinds. Have your windows measured before the blinds are produced so that they are made-to-measure and cover your windows exactly. Then just draw the blinds when any glare becomes too much for your eyes. 

Put plants inside

Because of recent circumstances, you may have developed a strong bond with your garden and dislike it when the weather denies you the chance to dine or sun yourself outdoors. 

There’s no need to be quite so dispirited about it, not when you can install a bit of greenery in the extension with the addition of some plants. 

Last year, Gardeners’ World Magazine put together a list of what they consider to be the best plants for conservatories:

  • Mandevilla
  • Bougainvillea
  • Hoya
  • Plumbago
  • Sarracenia
  • Lapageria
  • Strelitzia
  • Hymenocallis
  • Aristolochia
  • Cacti and succulents

So there you go. There’s no reason why your extension can’t be a central figure in your plans for the summer. If Mitchell Glass can do anything to assist, Private Showroom Appointments are now being offered. 

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