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How To Keep Your Home Warm This Winter

Though temperatures have noticeably dipped over the past few weeks, we have yet to experience a prolonged spell of cold weather. But remember, this is Scotland and we know how quickly the weather can take a turn for the worse.
Winter will properly arrive at some stage and the last thing you want is to feel the brunt of it when cooped up inside your home.

So that doesn’t happen you need to weather proof your living space and keep the cold where it belongs, outside!

Implement our top 3 weather-proofing tips for a cosy winter at home

  1. Get your boiler serviced and replace if necessary

All of your hot water and heating comes courtesy of your boiler system and it is important that you have it serviced yearly to ensure that it is running efficiently.

Organise for a qualified engineer to inspect the boiler and they will be able to assess whether it is in good working order.

If they identify problems with the boiler you may be best advised to invest in a replacement, particularly as modern boilers are predicted to save you around £310 per year when installed in place of an old model.

  1. Exchange your old windows and doors for energy efficient replacements

There are still a surprising number of homes throughout Scotland that still have their original single glazed windows and doors fitted.

Traditional timber single glazed windows and doors are renowned for letting draughts infiltrate their way into properties and allowing warm air generated by a boiler to escape. This also leads to expensive energy bills.

Modern double or triple glazed windows and doors deliver an exceptionally high level of thermal efficiency and will minimise heat loss. Over their lifespan they will save you an enormous amount of money too.

  1. Fit thicker curtains around the house

Sometimes it’s the simplest of changes that makes a big difference. Some of the air that travels through your windows and doors can be prevented from hitting the heart of your living when you install thick curtains.

Thermal curtains are your best bet for blocking out the cold as they contain a special coating that’s designed to enhance insulation.

Keep the curtains open throughout the daytime though to enable any warmth generated by the sun to get inside and close them as soon as it starts to go dark and temperatures begin to cool.

All home improvements manufactured and supplied by Mitchell Glass are done so with energy efficiency in mind. Obtain a FREE quote on the latest windows and doors now to take away the frosty feel in your home forever.




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