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How To Maintain Your Conservatory This Winter

Unless you look after your conservatory it’s highly unlikely that you will get as much use out of it over the winter months as you should do. Show it a little bit of love and you will be rewarded with the most glorious and comfortable spot for enjoying Christmas, New Year and the rest of winter in sophisticated style.

Some tasks you can do yourself while others are best left to the experts. Some of these maintenance tasks are simple and some are more complex.   

Let us run you through some of the errands that ought to be on every conservatory owner’s to-do lists…

Inspect major components

Just as you should take your car to the garage for a service every 12 months to keep it running smoothly, your conservatory similarly needs servicing on an annual basis.

This service should entail checking that major components such as any locks, handles and hinges are moving freely and well lubricated and the guttering incorporated into the design is free of any potential blockages (fallen leaves).

Clean the windows

Conservatories largely consist of glass and that’s why they provide you with such captivating views of the outdoors. These views will be a little less captivating if the glass is marked by the excesses of the weather.

Use a squeegee and good quality micro-fibre cloth to wipe down the windows on the inside and outside and remove any dirt and smudges to leave the glass gleaming.

Upgrade to a solid roof

If you have a traditional conservatory roofing system (glass or polycarbonate) there’s a strong chance that the weather gets in very easily and leaves the interior feeling icy cold in winter.

Keep the weather out by upgrading to a solid roof, a high performance roof covering that offers outstanding thermal efficiency. Solid roofs can be crafted to suit all conservatory styles and fitted in no time.


Don’t take any unnecessary risks when maintaining your conservatory! There’s nothing risky about choosing Mitchell Glass when buying a conservatory if you’d like one for next winter and several more afterwards. You’re only a FREE quote away from making that happen.






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