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How To Maintain Your Windows For Great Results All Year Round

Homeowners decide to replace their existing windows for different reasons and one common incentive is usually because they’re fed up of maintaining them.

Authentic timber windows look exceptionally stylish upon their initial installation, but once exposed to the unpredictable Scottish weather they soon deteriorate and lose their finish. Unless they’re treated regularly there’s no going back for them.

You have far less maintenance-related demands placed upon you once you have exchanged your weather-beaten windows for contemporary UPVC, aluminium or timber windows from Mitchell Glass.

There are still a couple of little bits of maintenance you can carry out though to keep our windows in fantastic condition throughout the seasons.

Dirty windows

When one of our UPVC, aluminium or timber windows gets dirty, we recommend that you soak a sponge in hot soapy water and use it to wipe it away from the frames and glass. Neglect scouring pads as they could scratch the surface of the frame. A non-abrasive cloth can also be used to dry the window if required.


Over time it is completely normal for grime to build up in any nooks and crannies. Try and get a vacuum with a suitable sized hose that will enable you to suck away this dirt from them and keep them functioning expertly.


Keep any moving parts in the window well lubricated to stop them from becoming stiff. WD-40 is your best option with a little spray enough to do the job.

Minimal maintenance at Mitchell

That’s it, and the good news is that you will only have to do these tasks around every six months. However, if you live in a coastal area or property situated in a built-up area, you may want to make this every three months as your windows will be more openly exposed to the weather.

Go on. Give your old high-maintenance windows the elbow and exchange them for a low-maintenance design from Mitchell Glass’ extensive window range.

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