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How You Can Improve Your Home Security

The clocks haven’t even gone back yet and it’s already getting much darker earlier in the day, which will be very welcomed by wannabe thieves. 

It’s when it’s pitch black outside that thieves are at their most threatening, and unless your home security is sufficient, you cannot rule out your property being their next successful target. 

You must take home security seriously, as the organisers of National Home Security Month are currently trying to communicate to homeowners. 

If you don’t, who knows what the financial damage will be? Don’t let it come to this. 

Get your home security in order using the following three bits of advice:

Install a burglar alarm 

After finding out that only a third of UK homes have a burglar alarm, it didn’t come as any surprise that a home gets burgled in the UK every 106 seconds. Home thefts are costly too, with the average burglary amounting to £3,000.

It doesn’t make sense not to have a bells-only, dialler, wireless or silent alarm in your house because they’re so good at detecting intrusion and cost next to nothing – you can get one for just £200. 

You can get dummy alarms that on the face of it look convincing, but they don’t fool thieves.

Don’t leave out a spare key

Most of us are guilty of having at some point left a spare key outside our house under a doormat or plant pot so that someone you know can get in without you being there. 

The only problem is that ‘someone’ could be a total stranger, a thief who finds the key, lets themselves in, and steals some stuff with the minimum of effort. This happens quite a lot. 

It’s much safer to just get keys cut for those who need them and demand that they look after it properly.

Fit secure new windows and doors

Without a key, the next potential route into your home will be through your windows and doors, so they need to stand firm in the face of force. 

You can put them to the test to see if they’re likely to keep thieves out. Just fasten their locks and give them a push to detect if there’s any movement when they’re locked.

Any looseness in your windows and doors should signal a switch to the double or triple glazed windows and doors, which will have a more advanced locking system and tougher frames.

Right now at Mitchell Glass, you can get a great deal on replacement windows and doors. Just visit our Special Offers page for more details. 

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