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How You Can Maintain A Healthy Mind And Body Indoors

Love Your Home Stay Healthy

As we know, lockdown has been extended by the government to help protect more lives and our own wellbeing. Unfortunately, being indoors for a sustained length of time isn’t easy for some people, but it is a necessity at this moment. 

If you’re one of the people finding isolation extremely challenging, we would encourage you to try and stay as healthy as you can as having a strong mind and body will help. 

Remember, you’re in a really safe place and you’re certainly not on your own – together we’ll get through this. 

Leading a healthy lifestyle at home in the current circumstances can involve a three-step approach:

Set achievable daily goals and put aside time for talking

How can you fill your days? By setting yourself a few goals each morning and completing them all, which will make you feel great.

Washing your car, inside and out, or clearing out your wardrobes of old clothes might seem like a minor thing, but these little achievements can have a big and positive impact on your mood. 

And don’t be a stranger. Keep in touch with the friends and relatives you can’t see at the moment by using Zoom or Skype to stay connected with them. Chatting is so important at a time like this and we need some positivity in our lives.

Tip One

Make outdoor living a frequent activity

It’s human nature to want to get outside and you need that bit of Vitamin D from the sun to reinvigorate yourself and feel re-energised. 

Your garden is the place to go and get it. Have a table and chairs set out where the sun will most hit them so that you can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner in any lovely weather we receive. 

Got kids at home? Get them out of the house too so that they can do their home schooling and tablet watching in the fresh air, rather than within those same old four walls.

Tip Two

Try your hand at baking

Britain has gone big on baking during lockdown and you probably didn’t know that making cakes, cookies and crumbles offers a number of health benefits, as outlined in this article

So, raid your cupboards for all the baking ingredients you can get and any cake tins, mixing bowls and whisks, to bake away any stress you might be feeling. 

Even if you end up with a soggy bottom or total culinary catastrophe, it will give you, and everyone else, a really good laugh and laughter is always the best medicine, never more so than now.

Tip three

A bit of forward planning involving your home, in anticipation of lockdown ending, could also lift your spirits. Our FREE Online Design Service remains available if you’d like to get new windows and doors or an extension planned and organised.

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