Inspiration For Decorating Your Windows And Doors This Christmas

Windows at Christmas

Can you believe it’s almost Christmas? Neither can we!

After another difficult year for so many, it makes sense to go to town with all things Christmas, and that begins with ensuring our homes are adequately decorated for the festive season.

You may have put a lot of thought into where your Christmas tree will go and what colour scheme you will go for, but there are other parts of your home that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Read on for Mitchell Glass’ tips on how to bring festive cheer to your windows and doors.

Door and window wreaths

We’re all familiar with hanging wreaths on our front door for Christmas time. 

But you may not be as familiar with the American trend of hanging wreaths on your windows too. 

This festive trend is likely to take hold in the UK at some point, so why not beat your neighbours to it? It will make a real festive statement!

Christmas wreath

Candles, fairy lights and lanterns

There are few decorations as Christmassy as twinkling lights.

Add fairy lights around your windowsills and scatter lanterns in your doorways. You could even buy an advent candle, take turns lighting it each evening and let the excitement build.

As well as lights adding to the cosy atmosphere during the most wonderful time of the year, they tend to be a very affordable way of decorating for Christmas.

Christmas lights

Festive ornaments

Locate that box of Christmas knick-knacks you have collected over the years and display them proudly on your windowsills. 

Tacky or classic, we won’t judge! Your festive ornaments are likely to bring a smile to passers-by and guests alike.

Also, why not add poinsettias to your windowsill? Plants have many benefits, including lowering stress and anxiety, as well as making a great festive decoration.

Ornaments on windows

Keep your poinsettias looking fresh all winter long by replacing your drafty windows and doors. Download Mitchell Glass’ latest brochure for inspiration here.


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