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Install An Orangery And Experience Luxury For 2018

In our last blog post, we mentioned that since moving into 2018 we had experienced a large amount of demand for replacement windows. Interest in our orangeries has almost been as strong.

Who can blame them as the orangery is without a doubt one of the most luxurious forms of home extension available today, the perfect blend between a traditional brick extension and bespoke conservatory or sunroom.

At Mitchell Glass, we supply orangeries in 3 different types of building material:

  • UPVC
  • Aluminium
  • Timber

If you have very little awareness of the orangery, we can tell you everything you need to know about it.

History of the orangery

The orangery originates from Italy and was first developed in the 17th Century. Traditionally the preserve of wealthy landowners, they would use it to house and grow citrus trees.

It was in the 19th Century that they began to be constructed with an impressive glazed roof which helped to bring further natural sunlight into the extension.

Back then they didn’t provide the standard of insulation that they do now and that came as improvements in design and insulation were made.

A little smaller than the very first orangeries, a contemporary orangery still offers a significant volume of space and gives you a light, airy atmosphere that you can enjoy however you like in all weathers.

Main features of an orangery

  • It usually contains a centrally positioned roof lantern that sits within a large, plastered, flat roof
  • The brickwork will be evocative of the brickwork utilised in the house build to help make it a natural add-on.
  • It will be carefully positioned so that it delivers sufficient privacy and can be logically used as anything from a dining room to an office.
  • There is a possibility that planning permission will be required before an orangery installation can go ahead.

Benefits of owning an orangery

  • Good size
  • Multi-purpose space
  • Increases resale value of your property
  • Adaptable design (e.g. include patio doors, French doors, bi-folding doors)
  • Lots of natural light
  • Much cheaper than moving home
  • Minimal maintenance

Want one?

A wise decision as you will forever be living a life of luxury when you have an orangery that you can head into whenever you fancy experiencing opulent surroundings.

Book a FREE appointment with one of our customer advisors to discuss our orangeries in more detail.

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