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Install An Orangery Or Conservatory This Summer And Experience Luxury

The unusually warm weather we have experienced over the past couple of weeks may have got you thinking about the forthcoming summer and how you can enjoy it more at home.


You could invest in some garden furniture so that you chew the fat outdoors (and we’re not talking about biting into tough pieces of meat from the barbecue). If you don’t own a barbecue, can you really claim to be a true Scot as it’s customary to show off your cheffing skills outdoors when we’re hit by a heatwave? Go out and get one!

A further investment you could consider is buying a brand new orangery and conservatory where you would be able to fully take in the sunshine in the most beautiful of surroundings.

Your initial thought may be that these types of extensions will feel far too hot in summer. That would be the case if it was an orangery or conservatory built using single glazing, timber frames and a basic glass or polycarbonate roof as they would let in the weather all too easily and overheat. But our orangeries and conservatories are constructed intelligently and include thermally efficient materials throughout. This helps make them perfectly comfortable settings for summer and every other season.

Though you get a greater volume of glass in a conservatory than an orangery, both extensions will provide you with amazing outdoor views if you love the idea of gazing at your garden.

For convenience, you could have a set of bi-folding doors, patio doors or French doors integrated into the design that supply you with easy garden access from the extension. Sometimes you will just leave the doors open and let the sun’s warmth move around your indoor space whilst you’re in the heart of it, and sometimes they’ll be opened for the purpose of getting outside.


If you have your heart set on having an orangery or conservatory at home for this summer, we suggest that you contact Mitchell Glass now to tell us you want one. Our order book is looking very full and there is a possibility that you will need building regulations approval and planning permission before we can start bringing it to life. Arrange an appointment today and let’s make this the first of many luxurious summers.








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