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Love Your Home - Home Goals You Can Complete During Lockdown

Love Your Home

We are living in extraordinary times, no two ways about it, and we’ve never needed or relied on our homes quite as much as we do at present. Now that you are restricted to being in your home, you may be regretting not giving it enough attention in the past, but that could be resolved during this break from ‘normal’ life. 

You could use some of the time to improve the place, like you wish you had done before, and enrol your fellow housemates to help you do it. 

What DIY jobs have been on the to-do list for too long? Get them all crossed off! It’s time to love your home, and when you do, it will love you back. 

Here are some home goals you can set and smash over the coming weeks:

Repaint a room to refresh its appearance

If the paintwork in a certain room is looking a bit shabby and beginning to fade away, you could either touch it up with the same coloured paint or repaint it in an entirely new colour. 

When you opt for a full repaint, pale / light colours are good for making spaces feel extra roomy. For a finish representative of the season, yellow is very spring-like and will inject a beautiful bit of brightness. 

To jump on to a current trend, paint your skirting boards and doors in two completely different colours. 

Use a stain blocker to mask any marks or stains on your walls, floors and doors.

Tip One

Do some repairing and recycling

You have it in you to fix things around the house, but if you don’t know where to start, you can always cheat and find a YouTube video showing you what to do. 

Tidying up bathroom grouting, curing a squeaky front gate and mending broken fence panels are all jobs that can be done without professional help. Think of the money you will save by doing them yourself too. 

Also, see if there’s anything old and unused in the house that you can reupholster or restore, like a tired piece of furniture. A touch of TLC can often turn all sorts of ‘trash’ into treasure.

Tip Two

Fulfil your garden’s full potential

At least the weather has been nice recently and your garden is the place to be heading for to get a little breather from the indoors. 

In fact, you should take the indoors outdoors and introduce a number of seating areas so that everyone in the house can sit in the sun and get fresh air when they need it. 

Just before you do, give that patio a power-wash, cut the lawn and make the garden look pretty. If you envisage being out there till late, have some torches, candles and lanterns to illuminate your outdoor setting and throws and blankets to keep warm under.

Tip threer

If your home goals veer more towards extending or having new windows and doors fitted, you can use our FREE Online Appointment Service to talk with our design experts and organise plans for them.

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