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Make Sure Your Windows And Doors Are In Tip Top Condition For Christmas

Coldness is slowly starting to creep in throughout Scotland and before we know it, Christmas will be here. Who knows what the weather Gods have in store for us this winter, but it’s always best to be braced for the worst.

Your winter preparations should include checking that your current windows and doors are performing at their best.

This should involve inspecting them to see if there are any noticeable gaps in the frame and taking a lit candle within close proximity of them. Why’s that? Because if you see any flickering of the flame it means that the air from outside is getting in. This will also result in heat loss readily occurring and proving a strain on your boiler.

One thing’s for sure, if your windows and doors are constructed from original timber and / or single glazed they could definitely do with being replaced before temperatures really start to take a tumble. In any case, they may be beyond repair.

For a guaranteed cosy Christmas get new windows and doors from Mitchell Glass

Mitchell Glass has one of the most comprehensive window and door ranges north of the border and every single window and door we produce has been manufactured to exacting standards.

We offer our double and triple glazed windows and doors in a series of resilient materials and they can deliver the highest level of thermal efficiency so that the cold doesn’t spoil your Christmas. A+ energy rated as standard, they will help keep the weather out and keep the warmth generated by your boiler in.

Even if we’re in for the coldest, wettest and blusteriest winter imaginable, our windows and doors promise to stand firm against the elements.

If double or triple glazing windows and doors are out of your reach financially, there’s always the option of our secondary glazing.

Don’t leave it too late!

It’s sooner the better that you get your old windows and doors taken out and exchanged for our fabulously reliable replacements. Give your home the greatest Christmas gift of all and get a FREE window and door quote today.

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