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National Home Security Month - How To Keep Your Home Secure All Year Round

You may not be aware that October is National Home Security Month in the UK, an annual campaign originally setup in 2013 to provide home security guidance to property owners.

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It’s a timely reminder to householders that they need to particularly be on their guard at this time of year as home burglaries increase by as much as 25% in the autumn and winter months.

The added hours of darkness present thieves with a better opportunity of carrying out burglaries undetected, and who knows, your home could be next on their hit-list!

Mitchell Glass knows all the tricks that burglars like to use, so we’re well-positioned to give you some of the best tips to keep them out:

  1. Install modern windows and doors

Many houses in Scotland still have their original windows and doors, not for conservation reasons, but because they’ve simply never been upgraded when they should have been.

It won’t take a thief much to get through an old, worn timber window or door. But, it will take an almost superhuman effort to force open a locked UPVC or aluminium window, or composite door, due to the resilience of the framework, internal beading and multi-point locking mechanism.

  1. Take a hiatus from social media when on holiday

Whether you’re hoping to catch a final bit of sun abroad this winter or planning to visit relatives during the festive season, you’d be wise not to publicise your absence from home on any of your social media profiles by tagging your location.

If your privacy settings aren’t correct, you never know who’s looking at your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account, and you don’t want to return home to any nasty surprises, such as the swiping of your belongings.  

  1. Fit an external light

When it’s pitch black outside, what better way to put a burglar off the idea of breaking into your house than having an external security light that comes on when it detects nearby outside movement.

It should deter even the most resolute thief from attempting to gain access to your home if they want to avert being collared by the Police.


Buying new secure windows and doors should be your first job to firm up security, if you haven’t bought some already. Request a copy of Windows and Doors brochure


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