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New Windows For The New Year? Should You Go For Double Or Triple Glazing?

First of all, Happy New Year to all of our customers! We hope that 2018 turns out to be a prosperous year for everyone.

Replacement Windows

Since getting back to work we have received a considerable number of requests from customers wanting replacement windows for their homes.

This doesn’t surprise us as the Christmas and New Year periods are a time when we spend a lot of time inside our living spaces and it’s then that they may have realised the energy efficiency delivered by their windows isn’t sufficient to keep out the weather.

How do they identify this? Usually because their interior feels overly cold and the windows are responsible for it.

When buying new windows, you need to of course choose an appropriate style and colour. You also must decide if you want the windows to be double or triple glazed.

Which should you go for? You may want to base your decision on the following 4 factors:

  1. Finances

Your available budget will obviously dictate what you can afford and it will probably come as no surprise to you when we tell you that triple glazing costs more than double glazing. The price difference between the two isn’t great though, so bear that in mind as the long-term savings provided by triple glazing will be significant.

  1. Security

Having 3 panes of glass as opposed to 2 will present a further obstacle for thieves to overcome, however, modern windows are almost always internally glazed, meaning that any glass can only be removed from the inside of the house. A contemporary double or triple glazed window also features a number of extremely reliable security mechanisms, making them almost impossible to force open when locked.

  1. Energy efficiency

Relating back to our initial discussion, many homeowners will want replacement windows so that they can eliminate draughts. The U-values of a triple glazed window are exceptionally low, but double glazing can encompass glass specially configured to achieve U-values of an almost similar standard. Either way, when upgrading from single glazing to double or triple glazing, you can anticipate saving a fortune on heating costs.

  1. Noise reduction

Triple glazing is often advertised as being a better noise reducer than double glazing and research appears to back up this claim. This is predominantly when a triple glazed unit is 44mm deep. This could be a key-selling point for someone who lives somewhere close to a major road, train line or airport.

Make a date with Mitchell Glass

We hope this has made things a little clearer in your mind and helped you decide if double glazing or triple glazing will best meet your needs. If it has, we’d love to hear from you.

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