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Reinvent Your Conservatory For Summer

We hope that you have done your annual spring clean and that you didn’t neglect giving your old conservatory a thorough scrubbing, dusting and decluttering. If you did but your conservatory still feels somewhat lifeless and doesn’t excite you like it used to, now is the time to be reinventing it ahead of summer.

It is surprisingly easy to make an old conservatory feel like new again. A few simple, clever steps will suffice to make the extension the heart of the house throughout the forthcoming summer and beyond.

Update your interiors

Much of the problem may be down to ageing interiors, namely the current colour scheme and soft furnishings you have.

Pop to your nearest home interiors’ specialist and invest in some new throws, cushions, rugs, etc. in shades that are most synonymous with the summer – red (sunset), yellow (sun), blue (sea). Lavender, purple, rose, green etc. are also very popular at the moment.

Plan ahead and also buy some new soft furnishings for the winter so that you can switch colour schemes for these very contrasting seasons.

Add conservatory blinds

Whilst modernising your interior you could also have some carefully measured conservatory blinds fitted. There are different types of conservatory blind that you can buy:

  • Vertical
  • Venetian
  • Roller
  • Roman

They come in all sorts of colours and patterns and won’t just pretty up the styling of your conservatory. They will also give you the option of shielding yourself from the sun and prying eyes when you crave some privacy.

Solid roof installation

The main issue you may have with your conservatory is that it’s longer usable in hot or cold conditions. This can be resolved with the installation of a solid roof covering, so long as the existing framework can bear the weight of a new roofing system.

A solid roof consists of lightweight slates / tiles and will improve thermal performance, preventing the conservatory from overheating when exposed to very warm conditions.

Take a look at our inspirations page to pick up some invaluable tips for furnishing and accessorising your conservatory this summer. You can also see several fully furnished conservatory designs in our Galashiels showroom.

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